Linner NC21 3.5mm Review on Xberts

LINNER noise cancelling earbuds

Author:Yegor Silyutin

First of all, let me make a point. I have a musical education, I mostly play on guitar and drums. Obviously, I understand what is the sound quality. Initially, I was really interesting about ANC technology in such a small set. After about 3 weeks of using LINNER roughly 2 hours per day, I'm ready to share some notes.


The LINNER's have a sympathetic sound that feels like it is very accurate to the original mix. The bass isn't over-the-top so it is excellent for most types of music. Honestly, if you want a bunch of bass from your earphones these are not for you. The mids and trebles sound decent and if you like classic music you will definitely enjoy. Overall a good sound quality for the price, but nothing outstanding.



The manufacturers included only one style of ear tip that you can purchase. I'm a big fan of the triple cone ear tips, so it was unfortunate that they are not included. The longer set hung didn't work for my ears. I wish LINNER has a pair of the comply tips which can greatly improve sound isolation.



Any of the larger ear tips are awesome at isolating the sound, but when the comply tips are used, there is almost no ambient noise being let it. As for that one included to the package, I can't say that I was impressed, but personally, I don't even expect perfect isolation.




While you use the earbuds with the wire over the top of the ear and clip the cable to your shirt, there is no issue with any microphonics in most cases. If you don't do those things, it's not too bad either, but you can notice them.

Build Quality

As you know too many earphones have died because of cable problems, after three weeks everything is fine. I wish that the final version of the package will have a convenient way to store the earphones because. In general, the build quality is good for everyday use, but would be great to revisit this one after several months.


All in all, I can say that LINNER are decent earbuds. I guess manufacturers will provide customers with better box and possibly more accessories, because with this package it doesn't seem like $100+ product.

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