Frequently Asked Questions:


Q1:  Why was Linner Electronics founded?

A1:  Linner Electronics was established in May 2016 by a team of passionate music enthusiasts and experienced acoustic engineers with the mission to improve the listening experience with innovative acoustic technology, superior industrial design and human-centered user experience.


Q2: What is Linner?

A2: Linner is the world’s lightest active noise-cancelling (ANC) earbuds. Linner provides consumers, especially first-time users, with highly portable active noise-cancelling technology that allows them to better focus on work and entertainment. These innovative earbuds present high-performance sound quality, secure fit, and hearing protection in a lightweight and affordable package.


Q3: Where does the name Linner come from?

A3: “Linner” is derived from the Chinese words “聆耳,” which means “masterly ear.”


Q4: What is Active Noise Cancellation and how is it different from Passive Noise Isolation?

A4: Active noise-cancelling (ANC) technology electronically produces a frequency that cancels out white noise like airplane engines, track noise, or background workplace chatter. Linner earbuds do this by “listening” to your surroundings through a small microphone on the outside of the bud, feeding the information into a chip that figures out the perfect frequency to filter out ambient noise.


Passive Noise Isolation physically blocks sound from entering the ear canal by sealing the ear with a variety of foam tips. While this prevents outside noise from interfering with the sound you want to hear, it also blocks everything else—and this can lead to safety concerns.


Q5: Does Linner Electronics have different lines of products?

A5: The Linner active noise-cancelling earbuds are the company’s first product. Linner’s vision is to build a complete line of headset products for the mass market using ANC technology, including Bluetooth ANC headphones and wireless ANC earbuds.


Q6: Who is behind Linner?

A6: The Linner team includes a group of experienced acoustic technology engineers, consumer electronics executives and passionate music lovers. The company Linner has a technical partnership with leading sensor firm Austria-based ams AG to integrate its chip technology into the company’s active noise-cancelling earbuds and other revolutionary products poised to disrupt the market.  


Q7: Can I use the active noise-cancelling without music? And can I play music without the noise-cancelling?

A7: Yes. You can definitely play ANC mode without music. Otherwise, you can listen to music without noise-cancelling. To get the best audio experience, it is still highly recommended to enjoy music with ANC mode.


Q8: Can I use the earbuds when the battery is dead or in ANC mode if the power is off?  

A8: Yes, you can still use the Linner to listen to music or answer a phone call with the power off and you can still enjoy the noise isolation when the battery is depleted. But, you do need the power on for ANC mode and Awareness mode.


Q9: What is Situational Awareness mode?

A9: Awareness mode allows you to temporarily disengage noise cancellation to hear what’s happening around you without having to remove your earbuds. Stay safe and aware!  


Q10: What colors does Linner come in?

A10: They come in two colors: Navy Blue and White.


Q11: Where can I buy Linner? What is the price?

A11: Currently, Linner will be available through Kickstarter. The earbuds will launch on Kickstarter on September 6th, 2016. Two versions will be offered:  Regular version (3.5mm audio jack) and premium version (Lightning connector). Both will be available for pre-order starting from $69. (Retail price: $109)


Q12: Is Linner waterproof or sweat proof ? Can I use it in the rain or snow?

A12: Yes, Linner is water-tight and resists corrosion. Linner is IPX4, which indicates that you can wear Linner in rain, snow.


Q13: Which devices can I use with Linner?

A13: Linner is compatible with iPhone and Android phones. It can also be used with laptops and desktops that come with a 3.5mm audio jack.


Q14: How many different earbud sizes do you provide?

A14: In the package, we provide 3 pairs of earbud covers (S, M, L) and 2 pairs of ear hooks (S, L).


Q15: Where does Linner ship to?

A15: Global shipping.


Q16: I can hear peoples’ voices around me while using Linner, do I have a defective product?

A16: No, the active noise cancellation technology works best on low frequency ambient noise, for example noise under 1000Hz. It will block annoying hums like on a bus or airplane, or workplace chatter so you can focus at your desk. It does not block all sounds for safety considerations.


Q17: How can I charge my Linner?

A17: You can charge Linner with the 3.5mm-to-USB charging adapt that can be used with regular USB charging ports, portable charging stations, or any computer with a USB port. The Lightning connector is self-charging via your iPhone.


Q19: How long is the warranty?

A19: Linner offers a free 1 year service warranty. This warranty covers repair and replacement of any defective material or component.


Q20: Do the Lightning cable earbuds require batteries?

A20: No, the Lightning cable earbuds are battery free. You can also use the active noise cancellation and situational awareness function as long as your iPhone has power.